“Rodrigo” was premiered in autumn 1707 in Florence and is therefore one of Handel’s early stage works. The composer, only 22 years old, wrote a densely-woven musical scenario for his first opera composed in Italy .

It masterfully portrays the dramatic states of mind of the protagonists surrounding the Iberian tyrant Rodrigo and the plot full of deception, betrayal , adultery, war as well as the transformation wrought by Rodrigo’s abdication. The work was not, as was long thought, a commission from the Prince of Medici. Despite this, “ Rodrigo” seems to have been so popular that Handel extended his stay in Italy and was able to compose several operas during the following period. In “ Rodrigo” , the mastery which made Handel’s succeeding opera “ Agrippina” such a success, is already clearly evident .
“ Agrippina” consequently made Handel’s name famous throughout Europe and soon led to his first journey to London .

The new vocal score is based on Volume II/2 of the “Halle Handel Edition” (BA 4083). The appendix contains the surviving variants in the versions of the first performances from Handel’s lifetime.

- Based on the Urtext of the “Halle Handel Edition”
- Original Italian text underlaid with German singing translation
- Basso continuo and editorial additions in small print
- Foreword in two languages (Ger/Eng)