Mozart’s concertos for violin and orchestra belong to that elite group of works determining a violin players abilities ; they are elegant and transparent with demanding passage-work. The Concerto in D major K.2 271a,the “6th” Mozart violin concerto, has come down to us in two separate sources, a French set of parts and score copy as well as a Berlin score. The editorial board of the New Mozart Edition considers this concerto to be of doubtful authenticity.

There are however many musicologists who feel that the work has numerous Mozart attributes.

This new publication takes both the above mentioned sources into account and includes the cadenzas from the respective New Mozart Edition volume appendix although these are certainly not from Mozart's pen.

- The “6th” Mozart violin concerto!
- Cadenzas from the sources
- With an alternative ending
- Additional solo part with fingerings and bowings
- Easy to play piano reduction