Antonio Vivaldi’s Magnificat in G minor has come down to us in two conflicting versions. The earlier one, probably the original version (RV 610), is dominated by impressive but largely straightforward choral passages set against a few brief vocal ensembles manageable by soloists from the choir.

In the later version (RV 611) the solo parts and one chorus are replaced by demanding virtuoso arias. Andreas Köhs arrangement for soloists, chorus and organ allows performers to choose between these two versions and is equally suitable for use in church and concert hall.

- Standard repertoire work, easy to perform
- Independent version for soloists (RV 610: SSAT; RV 611: SA), chorus (SATB) and organ
- Clear and well presented organ part
- Suitable for use in church and concert hall
- Duration: ca. 15 minutes (RV 610) or 20 minutes (RV 611)