These Mozart Masses (BA 7520-BA 7522) have been arranged for solo voices, chorus and organ from the Urtext of the “New Mozart Edition”, thereby making them accessible in all their beauty to choruses and church choirs with limited financial means at their disposal. Martin Focke has based the “ concertante ” organ parts on the orchestral writing, doing full justice to the timbre of the original. The solo parts and choruses, of course, leave the Urtext of the “New Mozart Edition” entirely untouched.

The name “Credo Mass” is taken from the acclamations of “Credo” that constantly interrupt the like-named movement. Dating from the end of 1776, this Mass is remarkable for its density of invention within the narrowest of confines. Further, its instrumental accompaniment has an almost chamber-music quality that emerges time and again into almost symphonic proportions. Our arrangement successfully patterns the idiosyncrasies of the orchestral writing.

The solo and choral writing leaves the Urtext of the “New Mozart Edition” entirely untouched.

- Self-contained version with organ instead of orchestra
- Straightforward and easy-to-play organ part
- Ideal for church services and concert performances