Franz Schubertís popular German Mass of 1827 follows in the footsteps of Michael Haydnís work Deutsches Hochamt by turning to a German translation of the Ordinary mass. Its homophonic texture and largely syllabic setting of the words make it more accessible to lay choruses than Schubertís masses in Latin, an advantage reinforced by its diatonic melodic writing and constantly slow tempos.

The present edition reproduces the Urtext from the New Schubert Edition and presents the definitive second version for chorus and wind instruments. Since the piano reduction basically follows the choral lines and Schubertís original organ part, however, the Mass can also be performed with organ accompaniment.

- Urtext from the New Schubert Edition
- Standard work in the church music repertoire
- Can be accompanied by organ or wind instruments
- No vocal soloists necessary