This volume focuses on Latin American music from Cuba to Tierra del Fuego .

It presents highly contrasting arrangements of nine original pieces, each with an authentic sound typical of its country of origin. Samba thrives on guitar and guiro, Salsa needs a trumpet, Son requires timbales and conga; but you can also try them out on completely different instruments. The spotlight always falls on rhythm and joie de vivre, sometimes with a dash of melancholy thrown in.

Loved all over the world, Latin American music impresses with its enchanting melodies and its pulsating rhythms. Our collection is an attempt to offer more than a melody and written out piano accompaniment. It is the right place for anyone who has always wanted to play Latin American pieces in a small combo. The titles range from sambas and tangos to son montunos and salsa pieces. The arrangements can be changed, augmented, and expanded ad libitum . As a rule, there are two melody instruments, voice, piano, bass, and some suggested rhythmic patterns.

The editor
Jean Kleeb is a Brazilian musician by love and passion. He interprets and composes, but also teaches Latin American music on many occasions in different courses to children, students and adult musicians.