Latin is “in” – even in school music classes. This volume presents 12 pieces from Peru , Colombia and Bolivia in the style of such groups as “Los Paraguayos ” and “ Inti Illimani”, including “El condor pasa ”, “ Cucurucucu ” and other favorites .

This collection is intended for music-lovers, who want a glimpse into the range and variety of Latin American music: Indio songs, from the Andes as well as Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Columbian rhythms such as samba, baiao , maracutu , and cumbia . The arrangements are far removed from clichés. Instead, I have attempted to create the typical sounds, harmonies, and rhythms of this music using conventional instruments. Even the born Latino will have fun playing them.

The arrangements are well-suited for flutes, but any other melody instruments will sound just as good. The two melody parts also come in versions for transposing instruments so that, if desired, they can be played on a clarinet or trumpet in B-flat. Each piece comes with a written-out accompaniment pattern for percussion instruments (conga, surdo , rattle, claves, etc.) as a suggestion from the editor.

The editor
Jean Kleeb is a Brazilian musician by love and passion. He interprets and composes, but also teaches Latin American music on many occasions in different courses to children, students and adult musicians.