In 1732 Giovanni Battista Pergolesi composed a setting of the Vespers in honor of St. Emidius , Naples ís patron saint and protector against earthquakes. All that has survived are the introit Domine ad adjuvandum and three psalm settings: Dixit Dominus, Laudate and Confitebor .

Malcolm Brunoís reconstruction consists of Pergolesiís Hymnus , Magnificat , several short instrumental interpolations, and the contrafactum of a secular cantata for the Salve Regina, thereby presenting a full cross-section of Pergolesiís artistic evolution. The reconstructed Vespers ranges from the early Confitebor , with its allusions to Vivaldi, to the late Salve Regina with its reminiscences of the famous Stabat Mater; from contrapuntal choral writing to operatic arias; and from the magnificently scored Dixit to the almost intimate Laudate .

The present edition follows the original sources as closely as possible and contains an appendix with detailed notes on performance practice.

- Effective reconstruction of a full-length work
- Cross-section of Pergolesiís sacred music
- Clear and easy-to-play piano reduction