For many, the title will awaken memories of the demonstrations against the clearance of the Flörsheim Forest to allow for a new runway at the Frankfurt Airport.

Both the poem, which extends beyond this local incident to remind us of the seriousness of our global situation, and the music join together to form an expressive, universally valid call for the conservation of our core values, our future together: “Die Erde jedoch wird sich wehren. Sie wird uns, am Ende, nichts mehr geben als den Staub, in dem wir aufgehn.” (The earth, however, will resist. She will, in the end, not give us any more than dust, into which we will submerge.) It is up to us, to prevent the situation from advancing so far: “Wir, die wir zu ihren Schülern wurden, sollten die Lehre der Bäume verbreiten.” (We, the students, should spread the teachings of the trees.”