The newly engraved scores and parts for the six op. 4 organ concertos follow the revised volume of the Handel Complete Edition edited by Terence Best and William Gudger [BA 8340 / BA 8341-BA 8346].

The new scores and orchestral parts are free from the overediting found in other editions available today. This means performers can play just exactly what Handel wrote and not what others think he meant. In other words, you will not find trills, staccato marks and slurs sprinkled throughout the score, you will find what Handel wrote. In this new Urtext edition all editorial additions are clearly indicated.

- New Urtext edition of the op. 4 concertos taken from the Halle Handel Edition
- Earlier versions given as appendices in both scores and parts
- Bass part with figures
- Realized continuo part
- Large format orchestral parts 25 ,5 x 32,5 cm

Additional string parts may also be purchased separately.