Siegbert Rampe’s recently finished two-volume edition takes us back to the early 17th century to discover a wealth of valuable keyboard compositions.

The second volume, like the first, consists entirely of first publications, this time of pieces by Buttstedt , Erbach , Kindermann , Philips, Christoph Walter and others. With their remarkable contrapuntal intricacy and formal mastery, these pieces invite harpsichord players and organists to diversify their recitals. Sometimes the reader is offered a glimpse of incalculable educational value into previously unknown organ specifications. Our scholarly-critical edition is rigorously based on the surviving source material and contains a critical report, a catalogue of sources, and a detail preface with sections devoted to ornamentation, editorial technique and performance practice.

- First publication of previously unknown works
- Detailed preface (German/English)
- Scholarly-critical performance edition