In his day, Johann Jacob Froberger (1617–1667) was a towering figure who created a style of composition uniting influences from Italy , France and England . His music continued to be published seventy years after his death and was evidently still being played after 1750.

Today there is a growing awareness that his only peer in 17th century keyboard music was Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck.

The complete edition of Froberger’s music is scheduled to encompass six bilingual volumes (German and English). Each volume contains a critical report and a detailed preface with sections on the scope and subdivision of the edition, the editorial method, performance practice (including a discussion of contemporary instruments and ornamentation) and biographical notes.

Now, for the first time, keyboard players have access to every work attributed to Froberger , including a large number of pieces discovered by the editor, as well as alternative versions and pieces of doubtful authenticity.

- Groundbreaking scholarly-critical complete edition
- Latest research findings incorporated
- Detailed explanatory notes (German/English)