At the beginning of the 18th century Vincent Lübeck (1654–1740) was one of the leading composers of Northern Europe . Arp Schnitger , the organ builder whose instruments defined Lübeck’s ideal sound, even called him the “world-famous organist”. Stylistically, Lübeck’s works stand on a par with those of Dietrich Buxtehude and the Northern German organ school.

This two-volume Urtext edition is the first to present all currently accessible organ and clavier works by Vincent Lübeck senoir and junior. A number of unknown compositions whose sources had previously been ignored appear here for the first time in print. Special attention is devoted to the manuscript S.M.G. 1691, once thought to be lost.

Besides five works by the elder Lübeck , it also contains the only known compositions of his like-named son (1684–1755) as well as 38 clavier pieces and 22 chorale settings.

All pieces originated in Lübeck’s circles in Hamburg and are published in the appendices of the two volumes. The present edition strictly follows the surviving source material. Besides a critical report, each volume contains a lengthy preface with sections on the sources, ornamentation, editorial method and performance practice. Facsimiles round off a publication of interest to performers and scholars alike.

- First complete edition of Vincent Lübeck’s (Senior Junior) organ works
- Newly rediscovered sources (MS S.M.G. 1691)
- Urtext edition
- Critical report, informative preface (English/German), facsimiles