“The Abduction from the Seraglio” is the last in Bärenreiter’s series of seven Great Mozart Opera Overtures based on the Urtext of the “New Mozart Edition”. It offers not only the version as Mozart left it i. e. without a concert ending but also the famous concert ending by Johann Anton André first published in 1807.

The André concert ending, approx. 90 bars long, appears here re-edited and engraved after the first edition in parts as well as Andre's autograph which was generously made available by the Archive André.

Short text:
For the first time the performance material to these seven famous opera overtures is available on sale. All parts reflect the latest scholarly research of the acclaimed New Mozart Edition.

- Urtext from the “New Mozart Edition”
- Contains the concert ending by André in a new edition
- Newly engraved parts in a larger format (25.5 cm x 32 cm)