Beethoven himself left no cadenzas for his Violin Concerto. This edition is unique in drawing together for the first time a selection of cadenzas to one of the most famous works in the history of music, written by composers and violinists over 150 years. This publication contains not only the well-known cadenzas by Leopold Auer and Joseph Joachim, but also several which are seldom performed, such as those by Ferdinand David (the first surviving cadenza to op. 61), Louis Spohr , EugŤne Ysaˇe , Camille Saint-SaŽns, Henri Vieuxtemps , Jakob Dont and, for the first time, one by Henryk Wieniawski .

Commentaries (German/English) on the composers and on performance practice are included. The edition complements the new piano reduction BA 9019a and will be invaluable for all violinists studying Beethovenís Violin Concerto.

- Indispensible for all violinists studying this masterpiece
- First publication of a cadenza by Wieniawski
- With notes on performance practice
- With an informative, detailed preface (Ger/Eng)