This is the first Urtext edition of Mendelssohnís Sonatas for Violin and Piano. It contains the early Sonata in F major of 1820 and the Sonata in F minor of 1823, which the 14-year-old composer began with an extended solo recitative for the violin. The edition also includes two versions of the F major sonata of 1838 which Mendelssohn began revising in 1839, though this was restricted to the revision of a major part of the first movement.

These works, similar in difficulty to Franz Schubertís Sonatinas , are published here in a scholarly-practical edition. The critical edition contains all Mendelssohnís complete sonatas for these instruments. Hoshinoís Critical Commentary offers valuable information on the history and genesis of the compositions and their sources. Several facsimile pages complete † this important new edition.

- First Urtext edition of Mendelssohnís Violin Sonatas (including facsimile pages)
- With an Urtext violin part, together with a second version of the violin part including fingerings and bowings by Takeshi Kiriyama
- Moderate technical standard