“Eine kleine Nachtmusik”, Mozart’s most popular piece of instrumental music, was composed during an especially happy period of his life. He entered this serenade in his autograph thematic catalogue on 10 August 1787 while he was at the zenith of his career as an opera composer. Michael Töpel’s idiomatic easy to moderately difficult arrangement captures the merry radiance of this piece, which has been on everybody’s lips since time immemorial.

Though there is certainly no shortage of arrangements of this work, never before has Mozart’s original been so rigorously adhered to: the final arbiter is the Urtext from the “New Mozart Edition”. Our arrangement thus stands out fundamentally from all the rest.

- “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” in an idiomatic arrangement for piano
- Based on the Urtext from the “New Mozart Edition”
- Easy to moderately difficult piano writing
- Fingering and tips on ornamentation