The melodious theme of the variations and, above all, the final Turkish rondo have ensured Mozart’s A-major Sonata, K. 331, an uncontested place of honor in music lessons and the concert hall. This sonata offers an original mélange of a graceful opening movement and a noisy Janissary band of piccolos, drums, cymbals, and trumpets, all woven into the piano texture. The gentlemanly mayhem springs to life in performance, conjuring up the same atmosphere that delights audiences in The Abduction from the Seraglio.

This affordable edition with the Urtext of the “New Mozart Edition” stands at the cutting edge of Mozart scholarship. The pragmatic fingerings, by the renowned pianist Matthias Kirschnereit, offer many alternative suggestions. Along with its informative introduction on the work’s history and performance practice, this publication meets every need of teachers and concert artists alike.

- Urtext of the “New Mozart Edition”
- Pragmatic fingerings with many alternatives to try out
- Informative introduction