This vocal score of Mozart’s concert and insert arias is based on the New Mozart Edition (NMA).
The musical text presented in this edition is free from practical references on performance aspects or suggestions on performance practice. An accompanying booklet gives detailed explanations on the execution of appoggiaturas and other performance practice phenomena relevant to each aria. In addition, there is a choice of suggestions for the performance of cadenzas and lead-ins as well as for the ornamentation of dal segno parts, which are often found in the early Mozart arias.

• Underlaid text presented in the original language only
• All aria texts translated into German and English and printed separately
• Idiomatic piano reduction to the individual arias
• Clear and legible layout of the musical text
• Additional notes and suggestions on performance practice in the accompanying booklet
• Performance material on hire to each aria
(Please refer to the relevant volume for further information)

Concert Arias III for Low Soprano and Alto
Aria “Conservati fedele”, K. 23
Aria “Cara, se le mie pene”, K.6: deest
Aria “Alma grande e nobil core”, K. 578
Aria “Chi sŕ, chi sŕ, qual sia”, K. 582
Aria “Vado, ma dove? oh Dei!”, K. 583
Recitativo “Ombra felice” – “Aria Io ti lascio”, K. 255