Church Year

This collection presents pieces for the end of the church year, particularly repertoire from the 19th century which can also be played at funerals.
This new publication continues the successful series of organ music for church services, concert use and special services. It has been conceived for use in all church denominations and targets professional as well as non-professional church musicians.
The collection also contains an index, short biographical notes in two languages (Ger/Eng) and a detailed foreword.


End of the Church Year:
Chorale preludes by Theophil Forchhammer, Paul Claußnitzer a. o., and an arrangement from the German Requiem by Johannes Brahms

Fear and Trust:
Johannes Weyhmann, "Klage" op. 12,4; Wilhelm Teschner, Charakterstück "Klage und Trost" op. 51; Franciscus Nagler, two chorale preludes on "So nimm denn meine Hände" as well as other chorale preludes

Death and Eternal Life:
Arrangement of the prelude op. 99,4 by Robert Schumann; Max Gulbins, "Totenfest"; Max Gulbins, festive fantasia on "Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden"; Uso Seifert, "Trauerzug" op. 42; Paul Blumenthal, festive prelude on "Jesus, meine Zuversicht"; Johannes Weyhmann, "Memento mori" op. 12,8 and other preludes, figurations, organ pieces on appropriate well-known chorales; chorale preludes on "O Welt, ich muss dich lassen" by Ernst Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Paul Claußnitzer, Philipp Wolfrum a. o.