Thanks to Max Regerís support, Gerard Bunk (1888-1958), became a lecturer at the Dortmund Conservatory and organist at the famous Walcker organ at St. Reinoldi in Dortmund.

He was one of the greatest organists of the first half of the 20th century who, besides Reger , was able to develop his own, characteristic style.

His organ compositions divide into free individual works, character pieces, chorale preludes and six large-scale concert works. Volume I contains Bunkís early organ works, mostly in first editions.

This Urtext edition, prepared by the composerís grandson, is the result of extensive and painstaking research of the sources; the accompanying text is in two languages (German/English), and the edition reflects the latest musicological findings. Each volume contains a detailed foreword, numerous facsimiles and illustrations and a Critical Commentary in German and English. The complete edition will comprise six volumes.

Short text:
Bunk's organ works include freely composed pieces, character pieces, chorale preludes and six large-scale concert pieces. The first volume contains all early works.

- Urtext edition edited by the grandson of the composer
- Based on the latest scholarly research and on all available sources
- Detailed preface (Ger/Eng) and critical report (Ger/Eng) in each volume
- Includes numerous facsimile pages and illustrations