Despite their high quality, Mozart’s works for unusual instruments or instrumental combinations often receive scant attention. One of these remarkable compositions is a piece for mechanical organ, K. 608, that he wrote for “ Müller’s Art Gallery ” in March 1791. By 1799 it had already appeared in print in Vienna as a fantasy for piano four-hands.

But there were also other transcriptions, including one for two flutes and another for string quartet.

Several sources and later editions attest to the popularity of this contemporary string arrangement of 1799. Our new volume, edited by Christopher Hogwood , takes the relevant sources into account.

It contains a trilingual preface ( Eng . / Ger./ Cz .) discussing the work’s history and performance practice, as well as a detailed critical report.

- Almost unknown music from Mozart’s final year
- Transcription of 1799 for string quartet
- Additional double bass part provided to allow performances with chamber orchestra
- Detailed preface, critical report (Eng./ Cz ./Ger.). Also includes facsimiles