Frantisek Jan Skroup (b. 1801–1862) is known to the public first and foremost as the composer of the Czech national anthem. He was also music director of the Estates Theater in Prague during 1837–57 where he conducted major works from the international opera repertoire and composed a series of works. Taken from his small lesser known output of chamber music, the Trio in E-flat major op. 27 (BA 9521) and the Trio facile in F major op. 28 (BA 9522) are being published for the first time in Urtext editions.

The Trio in E-flat major is dedicated to the pianist and composer Sigismond Goldschmidt. It is stylistically reminiscent of Beethoven’s chamber music; its unison opening recalls, for example, Beethoven’s famous “ Gassenhauer Trio” . Skroup dedicated the “ Trio facile” to Jeanette Hoffmann, the daughter of the Prague publisher Johann Hoffmann.

As the title suggests, this is an accessible piece in the Biedermeier style which was intended for music making in the home and for lessons.

Both these pleasing compositions, which represent unknown repertoire of Czech chamber music from the period of the national revival movement, can be performed in two different scorings. “ The Trio facile” op. 28 is available in two versions by the composer with the upper part for flute or violin.  

- First Urtext editions
- Two alternative versions and scorings of the works
- Forewords (Eng/Ger/Cz ) and Critical Commentaries (Eng) by the editor