“From the Bohemian” Forest, a set of six character pieces for piano duet, was written at the turn of the year 1883-84 at the instigation of Dvorák’s publisher Fritz Simrock and appeared in print in the spring of 1884.
After the “Slavonic Dances” and “Legends”, this was already his third cycle of piano duets to be inspired by much-loved locations.

This edition presents the musical text from the “Complete Edition of the Works of Antonín Dvorák”, Series V/6. It includes a new Foreword by Ivana Rentsch and Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen assessing the latest findings in Dvorák scholarship.

• Popular piano miniatures which can be played individually and are ideal as encore pieces

• New Foreword by Ivana Rentsch and Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen (Ger/Cz/Eng)
• Well-presented division of Primo and Secondo parts printed on facing pages

1. In the Spinning-Room (Na prástkách)
2. By the Black Lake (U Cerného jezera)
3. Walpurgis Night (Noc filipojakubská)
4. In Wait (Na cekání)
5. Silent Woods (Klid)
6. From Troublous Times (Z bourlivých dob)