First ever publication based on the autograph

Originally written for violin and orchestra between 1873 and 1877, Dvorák’s “Romance” immediately followed his String Quartet in F minor (1873) and draws on the theme from its slow movement. He probably wrote the “Romance” for his friend, the violin virtuoso František Ondrícek, who later premiered Dvorák’s Violin Concerto in 1883.

Our edition is the first to avail itself of the recently rediscovered autograph of Dvorák’s own version for violin and piano. Compared to the well-known piano reductions, it differs from the orchestral version in several important respects and is also one bar shorter.
Our new edition, containing the composer’s more authentic version, can nevertheless also serve as a piano reduction to the orchestral version.

• First edition of the piano version based on Dvorák’s autograph
• Foreword by David R. Beveridge (Cz/Eng/Ger)
• Critical Commentary (Eng) by the editor