During his research, Christopher Hogwood came across an unpublished source which had not been taken into consideration for any previous edition.

While on a concert-tour in 1853 with the violinist Ede Reményi, the young Brahms visited Arnold Wehner, the Music Director of the Göttingen University. In Wehner’s “Album Amicorum” – which included contributions from Robert and Clara Schumann, Mendelssohn, Jenny Lind, Rossini and Liszt – Brahms had notated a short piano piece.
The source consists of a one-page autograph of this literal “Albumblatt” (untitled by Brahms). The composer used it 12 years later – revised and transposed from A minor to A-flat minor – in his Horn Trio.

The “Albumblatt” is published as a scholarly-critical Urtext edition. A facsimile of the autograph score is also included.

- Published for the first time in a modern Urtext edition
- With a foreword (Eng/Ger) and critical commentary (Eng)