This edition consists of the English volume BA 9676 and an insert which includes translations of all text parts into French.

After beginning with open strings and simple note values, learners become acquainted with the 'cuckoo call' (minor 3rd) as a basic interval for guidance purposes and for mastering good intonation. Volume 1 makes use of nursery rhymes, all of which are supplied with words to ensure that the melody lines can be easily grasped as a whole. All the fingers are introduced in succession, as well as simple accidentals and note values from whole note (semibreve) to eighth note (quaver). From the very beginning the volume places a special emphasis on reading musical notation and offers training in moving from one string to another and basic bowing strokes. Large print and delightful colour illustrations make the volume especially appealing to children. Enclosed is a sheet of cut-out musical cards that allow young learners to invent many puzzle and guessing games and later to master scales and pitch names.

To accompany this volume we recommend Volume 1 of the “Violin Recital Album” (BA 9668) edited by Kurt and Christoph Sassmannshaus and Melissa Lusk. It contains 20 recital pieces in first position with piano accompaniment and an optional second violin part, allowing young players to display their progress in recitals. “Spielbuch für Streicher” ('Recital Pieces for String Ensemble', BA 9698) and “Weihnachtsspielbuch” ('Christmas Pieces for String Ensemble', BA 9699), both edited by Egon Sassmannshaus, give even the youngest learners an opportunity to try their hand at string ensemble playing.

The authors
In 1976 Egon Sassmannshaus, one of the most experienced and renowned violin teachers in Germany, published his tutor “Früher Anfang auf der Geige”. This standard work for young string players quickly became the most popular and best-selling tutor in the German-speaking countries for beginners on the violin. His son Kurt Sassmannshaus functioned as co-editor of the English-language edition, “Early Start on the Violin” (BA 9676, BA 9677, BA 9678, BA 9679), adapting his father's successful tutor to meet the needs and requirements of English-speaking children.

The combined knowledge and experience of both father and son make these four volumes the most thoroughly researched and thought-through violin tutor for beginners all over the world.

Editions in other languages
German: BA 9671
English: BA 9676
Spanish/English: BA 9664

La méthode d’initiation aux instruments à cordes d’Egon Saßmannshaus publiée par Bärenreiter est réputée depuis longtemps dans les pays germanophones et anglophones et permet une initiation précoce solide tout en étant ludique.

Un cahier supplémentaire en français reprenant les deux premiers volumes de la méthode « Early Start on the Violin » est désormais disponible afin de rendre l’accès aux francophones plus facile. Ce cahier peut être commandé séparément ou avec un des deux premiers volumes de la méthode pour violon, sans supplément de prix. Il peut également être téléchargé ci-dessous.

Le premier volume de "Early Start on the Violin" présente l'apprentissage la lecture des notes, leurs valeurs et les altérations de manière adaptée aux jeunes enfants. Différents coups d'archet ainsi que l'usage de la main gauche sont introduits en s'appuyant sur des chansons enfantines connues. L'utilisation de plusieurs structures de la main gauche est un des aspects les plus importants du second volume. Cette technique pose de manière convaincante les bases nécessaires à une virtuosité précoce.