By means of their high degree of consistency and maturity, Handel’s chamber duets constitute a highlight of this genre.

The six chamber duets for soprano and alto selected for this volume were written in 1710–12 in Hanover (HWV 178, 185, 197) and 1740–45 in London (HWV 181, 190, 186). They are musically demanding and structured contrapuntally: the earlier works are stricter, more scholarly and more elaborate in terms of counterpoint but masterly in their craftsmanship. The later ones are composed somewhat freer, but more compact.

- Urtext edition based on the “Halle Handel Edition”
- Clear, idiomatic realization of the continuo part
- Includes a separate continuo part without realization

“A mirarvi io son intento” (HWV 178) / “Conservate, raddoppiate” (HWV 185)
“Tanti strali al sen mi scocchi” (HWV 197) / “Beato in ver chi può” (HWV 181)
“No, di voi non vuò fidarmi” (HWV 190) / “Fronda leggiera e mobile” (HWV 186)