This collection contains many well-known pieces from the Anglo-American world which are catchy and of a dance-like quality. Some melodies are lively, some dreamy but all are easy on the ear. Both violinists are of equal importance and the melody moves frequently from one player to another. When the player takes on the accompanying role, he occasionally has to substitute the guitar and must play arpeggios and easy double stops. The melody part contains embellishments typical of the style.

• Well-known catchy folk music pieces
• Evenly balanced parts
• Entertaining and street music worthy

From the contents:
“Morning has Broken”, “All through the Night”, “Scarborough Fair”, “The Foggy Dew”, “The Rolling of the Stones”, “I’ll Fly Away” and others

George Speckert is a composer, author and lecturer in multimedia production and E-learning. He has composed and arranged pieces for numerous Bärenreiter editions.