Between 1889 and 1897 Satie composed a series of piano pieces. He gave these the eccentric title “Gnossiennes” and provided consciously ironic performance instructions in which he satirized the excessive gestures of Romantic piano playing.

This Bärenreiter Urtext edition offers new variant readings and presents “Gnossienne No. 7” in its authentic form for the first time. Like the “Gymnopédies” (BA 10804), the “Gnossiennes” are particularly suitable for piano teaching because of their easy to medium difficulty level.
Suggestions for performance are given by the Satie specialist Steffen Schleiermacher. In addition a detailed foreword by the distinguished musicologist Jens Rosteck provides valuable information on the background to the composition, its significance and interpretation.

- Urtext edition with new variant readings
- For the first time “Gnossienne No. 7” presented in its authentic form
- Easy to moderate difficulty
- Translations of all Satie’s performance instructions (Ger/Eng)
- With practical suggestions for performance (Ger/Eng) by Steffen Schleiermacher
- With a detailed foreword (Ger/Eng) and critical commentary (Eng)