The second volume of “Enjoy the Organ” likewise offers eighteenth-and nineteenth-century concert pieces suitable for performance on smaller instruments and capable of producing impressive results with a limited amount of practice time.
These pieces are intended primarily for the amateur organist but can also be of interest to the professional who can use them as a starting point for improvisation.

The volume contains François-Joseph Gossec’s “Tambourin”, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger’s “Prelude and Fugue in C major”, Théophile Stern’s “Morceau pour Sortie (Musikstück zum Ausgang)”, Alphonse Charles Renaud de Vilbac’s “Communio sur Bellini”, Charles Villiers Stanford’s “Prelude in F major”, and other works.

• Collection of easy-to-play concert pieces
• Ideal for amateur organists and church musicians
• Also suitable for performance on smaller instruments